Don't let Brexit get in your way
How do you warn entrepreneurs for Brexit when nobody even knows what it will look like? We had a bumbling, blue, fuzzy moment of inspiration. Our solution was to give Brexit a face. To introduce our furry friend we set up a special meeting with the Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs Stef Blok, and had him tweet about it. It worked.
Communicating an important political message with Project Fur.
The Brexit Monster became a wake-up call for Dutch businesses who weren’t prepared for the impact of Brexit. Our fuzzy blue pal appeared everywhere. Social videos, print ads, online games, magazines, radio commercials and podcasts and online advertising. Our awareness campaign made Brexit exceptionally real - and unavoidable.
An awareness campaign to change behaviour.
We ultimately wanted to change the behaviours of Dutch entrepreneurs who weren’t prepping for the impact of Brexit. The bold move was the right move: Stef Blok’s kick-off tweet received 2.7 billion impressions, we saw a 300% increase in website traffic - and most importantly, there was a 1000% increase in the number of completed Brexit Impact Scans and Brexit awareness amongst entrepreneurs rose from 25% to 85%.
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